South Florida child injury lawyers hail decision to halt production of drop-side cribs

Our Palm Beach child injury lawyers applaud the long-overdue decision by the federal government to essentially ban the production of drop-side cribs and we urge parents to ensure that a crib they are using has not been recalled.

CNN reports that the new law would essentially ban the sale and manufacture of drop-side cribs, regardless of whether a model had ever been recalled or considered unsafe. The new rules would also mandate better mattress support, better hardware and better quality wood for crib construction.

Common hazards of the cribs include faulty hardware, dangerous gaps created from support failures, poor quality wood and crib slats that can be easily broken. The new slats aim to eliminate gaps were babies can become entrapped and suffocate. Strangulation and falls are also common in drop-side cribs.

The government estimates about a dozen infants a year are killed in the cribs. The dangers have been known for years and years; it would now appear that the government is finally going to do something about it.

Companies have an obligation to provide products to consumers that are free from serious safety defects. A Fort Lauderdale defective products attorney should be consulted whenever a product leads to serious or fatal injury. We believe that companies who market products to children have a special obligation to ensure safety. Tragically, dozens and dozens of products are recalled each year for a variety of potentially life-threatening safety risks. Common dangers include choking hazards, fire hazards, amputation risks and products contaminated with dangerous chemicals or substances, such as lead paint.

So far this year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled more than 100 child products, including at least a dozen drop-side cribs. Last week, the government announced a recall of 82,000 Pottery Bard Kids drop-side cribs because of the risk of entrapment, suffocation and fall hazards.

Here is a list of recalled child products, excluding toys.

Here is a list of recalled toys.