Woman critically injured in Palm Beach scooter accident after being hit by sheriff’s van

It could be several days before the sheriff’s office releases additional information about a Palm Beach scooter accident involving a sheriff’s van, the Post reported.

A 68-year-old West Palm Beach woman was critically injured in the crash Tuesday afternoon, which occurred when a sheriff’s van struck the scooter while attempting to make a left turn onto Indian Drive from Westgate Avenue, according to the sheriff’s report. The woman had to be extracted from beneath the van and was rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach.

Like Palm Beach motorcycle accidents, scooter accidents often lead to very serious or fatal injuries. Accidents involving law enforcement officers can be particularly challenging as the investigating agency is also at-fault in the crash. Anyone injured in an accident with law enforcement should always contact a West Palm Beach injury lawyer to review their case.

Authorities report a decision on whether or not to cite the driver of the sheriff’s van or the victim will not be made until the van’s driver goes in front of the department’s Vehicle Review Board. Apparently, there is no opportunity for the victim to testify at the internal proceedings where it will be decided whether she should be charged.

Scooters are categorized as a motorcycle accident. Nationwide, 5,174 riders were killed in motorcycle accidents in 2008 and another 96,000 were injured, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A total of 523 riders were killed in Florida that year, making it the most dangerous state in the nation for motorcycle accidents except California, which reported 537 riders killed in 2008.