Super Bowl Sunday a time to celebrate smart, reduce risk of Palm Beach car accidents

It may be miserable in Arlington, Tex. this weekend for the Green Bay v. Pittsburgh match-up, but for South Florida residents the weather should be perfect for hosting a super bowl party. With that in mind, our Palm Beach car accident attorneys remind partygoers and hosts to add designated drivers to their party planning list.

USA Today reports that last year’s game between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts drew more viewers (106.5 million) than any other program in television history.

TV by the Numbers reports that unlike most championship sporting events, Super Bowl Sunday has seen a steady – if not at times explosive – growth in viewership since the first hosting (Green Bay v. Kansas City) was played on Jan. 15, 1967 when more than 24 million viewers gathered to catch the game.

For all practical purposes, the game has become an untitled national holiday much to the delight of party planners nationwide. With that in mind, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has again teamed up with the NFL and a host of other commercial and public service organizations to promote driving safety.

If you are one of the millions planning on hosting a casual backyard barbeque, a day of pizza and beer, or a more formal affair this Sunday, MADD offers a list of tips to help hosts and guests enjoy the game, and the ride home.

~ FIRST: designate a sober driver. Whether it’s a guest or a local cab company, make sure no one gets behind the wheel who shouldn’t. Treat your non-drinking sober driver like a king (or a queen) by offering up the best seat in the house or first dibs on the food.

~ Be sure to offer plenty of beverage options that DON’T have alcohol in them.

~ Avoid serving fruity or sweet drinks that may mask the taste of alcohol and lead people to drink more than they should.

~ Provide plenty of good food to eat, but keep then number of salty snacks at a minimum.

~ NEVER serve alcohol to minors. Period.

~ It’s your party, so, bottom line – it’s your responsibility. If one of your guests has had too much to drink, take charge. Drive them home. Make them stay. Arrange for them to get home some other way.