National Work Zone Safety Week a Reminder of Risks of South Florida Car Accidents in Construction Zones

This week various transportation agencies will be joining together to raise awareness of accidents in work zones as it is National Work Zone Safety Week. This year’s theme is “Safer driving. Safer work zones” and FDOT is urging motorists to be cautious in construction zones and around emergency responders in attempt to reduce risks of a Fort Lauderdale work zone accidents.

Naples construction accident lawyers ask that you practice safe, alert driving in these construction areas to help reduce the risk of unnecessary injuries to you, your vehicle or a road worker. Florida’s move over law requires that you move over or slow down for stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

The Transportation Development Foundation reports that overall roadway fatalities fell by three percent in 2010, to the lowest recorded level since 1949. Still, in 2009 nearly 700 workers and motorists were killed in these highway work zones. More than 40,000 were injured. It is estimated that roughly 85 percent of those killed were drivers and their passengers. Florida experienced nearly 100 fatal accidents in work and construction zones in 2009, according to the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse.

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) offers you these simple tips to help us around emergency responders and in construction zones:

-Keep an eye out for workers and their vehicles in work zones.

-Plan ahead. If you know your commute involves a work zone, leave earlier to allow more time or find an alternate route.

-Recognize and abide by the work zone signs.

-Stay aware of other drivers. Practice defensive driving habits.

-Merge as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last minute to get out of the way of these workers and responders. Last-minute decisions will only increase your risk of getting yourself into a compromising driving situation.

-It is especially important to avoid driving while distracted in these zones.

FDOT created a public service announcement to help alert Floridians during National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week.