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Boca Officials Fight for Bicyclist Safety

There are four simple concepts that we can use to help to protect the bicyclists here in Boca Raton; engineering, education, encouragement and enforcement.


According to the City of Boca Raton, our Bicycles/Pedestrians Program is working to use those four concepts to help make our roadways safer for the more vulnerable travelers.  What this program does is help to enhance the facilities that we already have.  It’s working to help to increase public awareness about the presence and the risks that these travelers face.

Our Boca Raton bicycle accident lawyers understand that there were close to 150 bicyclists killed in the state of Florida in 2010.  During that year, we were the most dangerous state in the entire country for these kinds of accidents, seeing more than anyone else in the entire country.  Bicyclist fatalities accounted for close to 10 percent of all of our state’s traffic accident fatalities recorded throughout that year.  And it’s time to make a change.


Right now, city officials are pursing improvement of the current physical facilities in the area.  They’re working to create safe roads and safer sidewalks.  The utilization of this process is helping to ensure that Boca is truly “Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly.”  What officials are trying to do is to make sure that there is a network that is able to connect neighborhoods, workplaces, recreation facilities and common commercial areas.  This is working to be done through sidewalks, bike routes, shared-use paths and bike lanes.


Officials believe that education is one of the most important keys in helping to protect bicyclists and pedestrians along our roadways.  Officials are working to expand drivers’ knowledge regarding skills to safely navigate with these travelers along our roadways.  All of us have a right to the road, and we have a right to share it safely.  Helping children with their safe walking and biking habits is also a skill that officials are working on to help to save lives.


Officials are working to promote safe walking and biking in the area and through various programs, they’re doing just that.  Officials have also adopted new regulations that require new buildings and parks to have bike racks near their facilities and they’re also encouraging business owners to get more employees to take these alternative forms of transportation to and from work each day.


Officers are still on the lookout for those not obeying current laws.  They’re looking for those who are breaking the laws, the going to enforce those laws and their going to make the moves to make sure that these problems are corrected and that the violators are aware of their unlawful actions, whether that be through a citation, a fine or imprisonment.

You can help to make our roadways a little bit safer today.  Keep a watchful eye out for our more vulnerable travelers and make sure that you’re always following all road and safety laws.

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