Boca Raton Pedestrian Accidents a Halloween Threat

More frightening than the ghosts and goblins that fill the streets trick-or-treating on Halloween night, are the fatal statistics involving car accidents and young pedestrians.


Around Halloween, parents tend to be wrapped up with the “poison and razors in candy” concerns. But there is a much bigger danger that’s far more common and yet doesn’t get talked about nearly as often: the risk of a child being hit by a car while they’re out running around trick-or-treating.
Our Boca Raton pedestrian accident lawyers understand that Halloween night is the most dangerous night out of the year for child pedestrian accidents.  According to State Farm, 115 child pedestrian fatalities occurred on Halloween over the 21 years of analysis. That is an average of 5.5 fatalities each year on October 31, which is more than double the average number of 2.6 fatalities for other days.

Officials with the Boca Raton Police Department are here with some important Halloween safety tips:

-Make sure that your child’s costume is flame-retardant and that it allows them to walk freely without tripping.
-Make sure children have flashlights with them and are equipped with reflective materials on their clothing to help to make them more visible to passing motorists.
-Make sure your trick-or-treat adventures include an area with sidewalks and safe crosswalks.  You should also try to trick-or-treat in areas that are well lit.
-Make sure that you only cross the road at crosswalks.  Don’t zigzag from house to house.  Most accidents happen at non-intersection areas.
-Always trick-or-treat with friends and stay in a group, there is safety in numbers.
-Make sure children can see. Masks and hoods can make it hard to see. Non-toxic face paints are a much better choice.
-An adult should always examine Halloween treats before children eat them. Never eat open or unwrapped Halloween foods.  Consider feeding children before heading out so they’re less likely to snack on unexamined candies.
-If a sword, cane, or stick is a part of your child’s costume, make sure it is not sharp or too long. A child may be easily hurt by these accessories if he stumbles or trips.
-Make sure everyone in your party is wearing comfortable shoes.  Sneakers are your best bet.  Avoid heels or sandals.
-Enter homes only if you’re with a trusted adult. Only visit well-lit houses. Don’t stop at dark houses. Never accept rides from strangers.
-Teach children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them.
-Make sure wigs and beards don’t cover your kids’ eyes, noses, or mouths.
Before heading out for the holiday, review these tips and make sure everyone in your trick-or-treat group is on the same page.  We can make this a spooky holiday, but we want it a safe one, too.  Happy Halloween!

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