Broward Dog Bite Safety: Bringing Home A New Pup for the Holidays

Getting a new household pet is something many families do during the holidays. While you’d like to believe it’s all sloppy kisses and wagging tales, there are also some serious risks for dog bite incidents with your new pup or the new pet of a friend or family member.

The holidays are also a time when we’re all hosting and going to a lot of holiday gatherings. It’s important that we take all of the proper safety precautions to keep our guests safe with man’s best friend.

Our Fort Lauderdale dog bite injury lawyers are here to offer you some safe tips for you, your friends, your family and your dog — whether it’s a new pup or one of the family’s longtime members. If you’re getting a new dog, it’s most important to spend time before committing. You want to make sure that the personality of your pup is compatible with your family. We’re here with some important tips from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help to get you and your new family member off on the right paw.

New Dog Tips:

-Make sure you have plenty of supplies, including food, leashes, treats, bowls for food, a crate and bedding. Try to keep your pup on the same food initially.

-Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities. Who is going to feed him? Who is in charge of taking him to the vet? Who is in charge of walking him?

-Set some house rules! Where is the dog allowed to be? Can they jump onto the furniture? Are they allowed in all rooms? Laying out rules will help to avoid confusion for all parties involved.

-Start training early! Make sure everyone is on the same page, using the same terms. For example, the term “off” should always be used instead of “down.” Make it easy and write out a vocabulary list of the words that everyone will use.

-Make sure your dog has a crate. This can help them to feel a stronger sense of security — having their own home within their new home.

-Make sure children know how to act around a dog. Talk with them about important safety rules, like never messing with a dog while its eating, sleeping or caring for puppies, never approach dogs that you don’t know and never horseplay with a dog.

-When having guests over, never allow your dog to greet them at the door. Keep them in a secluded area until a proper and safe introduction can be made.

-Make sure everyone allows the dog to smell them and check them out before they reach out to pet.

-Give your puppy a peaceful place to sleep at night: It is very common for puppies to cry the first few nights in a strange place. An old fashioned “ticking” clock or one of the owner’s dirty t-shirts will often settle the pup down to sleep.

For the safety of your pet, you also want to dog-proof your home. Make sure electrical cords are put away, cabinets are locked, and that there are no dangerous items lying around the home. Getting a new dog is an exciting move. Take these proper safety precautions to make it a safe one.