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Two major recalls have been issued involving products made by Swedish company IKEA, a leading global home furnishings provider with more than 300 stores globally.teddybear

These recalls could prompt a flood of product liability lawsuits against the company, particularly given the fact that at least one has led to multiple child deaths.

The first involves more 29 million chests and dressers sold in the U.S. and another 7 million sold in Canada. The children’s chests and dressers involved in the recall are higher than 23.5 inches, while the adult chests and dressers are higher than 29.5 inches. The problem is these furniture pieces aren’t stable if they aren’t properly anchored to the wall, which could result in a major tip-over and entrapment hazard that poses a high risk of serious injury or death to children. Tragically, that’s exactly what’s happened, at least three times that we know of.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the first known incident occurred in February 2014, when a 2-year-old Pennsylvania boy died after a 6-drawer IKEA dresser tipped offer and trapped him against his own bed. Then in June that same year, a nearly-2-year-old boy in Washington state died after he was trapped by a 3-drawer IKEA chest that had tipped over. Continue reading

Disney theme parks have built a reputation as a carefree, family-friendly destination that is a dream come true for any child. alligator3

But recently, those dreams turned into a nightmare at the Orlando park when a 2-year-old boy was snatched by an alligator in a shallow lagoon near the resort where his family was staying. His father, just footsteps away, wrestled with the animal for his son, but he was unable to free him. The boy’s body was found after 16-hour search. Several alligators were also killed.

Now, those of us in the legal field know that Disney is almost certainly facing a liability lawsuit in this scenario. Unless the theme park issues a swift and fair settlement to the boy’s family (who as of this writing had not filed any notice of claim), this could turn into a protracted and ugly legal battle – accompanied by all the negative publicity that comes with that.  Continue reading

A father’s lawsuit against a local city government and the manufacturer of playground equipment on public property has been given the green light for trial by Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal. junglegym

The child injury at the center of the lawsuit, Bogatov v. City of Hollandale Beach, reportedly involved a 2-year-old boy was playing at a city park playground.

In the company of his nanny, the boy was reportedly climbing on a jungle gym when he fell onto a hard surface below, causing him to suffer a fractured left femur and numerous contusions on his leg. He was confined to a wheelchair for months.  Continue reading

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