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Defective Bicycles Put Riders at High Risk of Injury in Florida

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recently announced the recall of some 23,000 mountain bikes made by a company called Cannondale. According to the recall notice, the bicycle’s OPI stem/ steering tube assemblies have the potential to fail. This could in turn result in a risk of injury due to fall. bicycleshadow

Recall affects all model years from 2011 to 2015, and include the Trigger, Scalpel, RZ, Lexi, F-29, F-4, F-5, FSi and Flash models. The letters “OPI” will be printed diagonally across the stem/ steering tube in black lettering. These models sold from 2010 to 2015 for anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 a bike. Although there have been no reported injuries so far, the Connecticut-based company, Cycling Sports Group, urges consumer to immediately stop using the bicycle and bring it to a local store for a free repair. That action will involve fitting a locking reinforcement wedge assembly and replacing the clamp bolts.

According to, this is the sixth major bicycle recall in the U.S. this year. Some of those have involved injuries. Given that Florida is already No. 1 for bicycle fatalities and injuries nationally, it’s important that we not overlook this serious safety issue. It’s true that most fatal and injury-causing bicycle accidents are the result of collisions with motor vehicles, defective bicycles could also play a role. It’s an element of every bicycle injury or fatality case that no personal injury lawyer should overlook.

This recall of Cannondale bicycles is one of the more substantial this year, though not the absolute largest.  In April, nearly 1 million Trek bicycles were recalled in the U.S. and Canada after injuries stemming from a product defect left one rider paralyzed. That recall included models built from 2000 to 2015, and were equipped with a quick-release lever on the front wheel hub that can open more than 180 degrees. Many riders suffered injury as a result – mostly in the form of facial injuries, though at least one suffered a fractured risk and another rider fell and has become permanently quadriplegic. That means there is paralysis in all four limbs.

Other bicycle recalls this year include:

  • Nearly 500 bicycles made by Huffy. The recall affected the model year 2014 Huffy TR 745 and TR-S 740, with 27.5-inch wheels. These bicycles are equipped with front disc brakes and a front release lever on the front wheel hub has the potential to come into contact with the front disc brake assembly. That could result in the front wheel either coming to a sudden stop or separating from the bicycle, posing a serious risk of rider injury.
  • Nearly 440 bicycles and bicycle frame kits made by Colnago America of Chicago. According to the recall notice, the front brakes have the potential to detach from the fork mid-ride, resulting in a crash and injury hazard. No injuries were reported. The recall affects all Colnago CF-10 and Colnago V-1 racing bicycles, and also those frames that fit 28-inch wheels.
  • About 160 bicycles made by Cycling Sports Group (same one involved in the most recent recall). The recall involves all 2015 GT Fury Elite and GT Fury Expert downhill mountain bicycles. According, a bicycle defect could result in breakage of the front wheel hub, which could cause the disc brake system to fail and cause the rider to fall.
  • About 200 Felt Cruiser bicycles, made by California company Felt bicycles. On these bicycles, the brakes can fail. There have been 26 reported incidents, but no apparent injuries.

If you have been injured in a Fort Myers bicycle accident, it’s important to ask your attorney to examine whether there may have been a defect in the bicycle. It may be possible to pursue damages from the manufacturer for defective design or defective manufacture.

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