Forum on Distraction may Prevent Car Accidents Boca Raton

Distracted driving has been a hot topic of debate lately, especially as we recognize National Distracted Driving Awareness Month 2012. Now, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) is joining in.

GHSA was proud to participate on the board of panelists at the Association’s Attentive Driving – Countermeasures for Distraction forum. This was a one-day forum used to attack distracted driving head on and to assess the best way to help stop the dangerous habit among drivers nationwide.

Christopher J. Murphy, the Association Past Chairman and Director of the California Office of Highway Safety, spoke during the second panel. He talked about how states should enforce their anti-distraction laws.

The state of Florida is one of the only states left in the country that has yet to enact any sort of anti-distraction law. Drivers of all ages within the state are permitted to do pretty much whatever they want behind the wheel. That’s one of the top reasons why distracted driving-related car accidents in Boca Raton and elsewhere throughout the state are so common. While we have no laws, other states are having difficulties enforcing theirs.

Boca Raton injury lawyers understand laws and enforcement efforts work together in the battle against distraction-related accidents. As a matter of fact, California was a hot topic during the recent NTSB forum. The west coast state was commended for its extensive anti-distraction laws, it’s extensive enforcement efforts and the results the two produced.

“Examining the effects of existing state laws will help us determine how to best curb distracted driving in the future,” said Barbara Harsha, GHSA Executive Director.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB is also focusing in on this dangerous roadway habit. The Board was also a part of the recent one-day forum. Their focus was to examine possible countermeasures that could potentially mitigate distracted driving.

There is a webcast of the forum that’s available for you to see in the site’s archives.

Findings of the Forum:

-Distractions hinder driving performance.

-Drivers are distracted behind the wheel as much as half of the time.

-Distractions are believed to be a part of nearly a quarter of all accidents.

-Texting increases accident risks more than cell phone use.

As a Result of the Forum, states are urged to:

-Use low-cost engineering solutions such as centerline and edgeline and rumble stripes to alert motorists who may drift off the roadways because of distractions.

-Record distracted driving in accident reports.

-Evaluate other distracted driving programs and laws.

States Should Also Consider:

-Enacting a texting ban for all drivers.

-Enacting a cell phone ban for newly-licensed drivers.

-Strictly enforce current anti-distraction laws.