Labor Day Traffic Safety a Priority in South Florida

This year’s Labor Day travel destinations are looking a lot more popular and they’re expected to be a lot busier.  According to the Huffington Post, Fort Lauderdale ranks as one of the most popular East Coast destinations for travelers this Labor Day.

Sun, sand and sea – what more is there to say?

Our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorneys understand that this increase in travel is excellent for local business, but it’s a disaster for drivers.  According to USA TODAY, about 90 percent of travelers will be making their way to their vacation spots via motor vehicle.  Overall, there’s expected to be more than 43 million travelers across the nation who will be driving 50 miles or more to their Labor Day holiday destination.

There are two national organizations that are forecasting increases in both the number of travelers on the road and the number of deaths caused by accidents.  According to the National Safety Council (NSC), which defines the holiday travel period as 6 p.m. Aug. 30 through 11:59 p.m. Sept. 2., there will be close to 400 people who will be killed in auto accidents and more than 42,000 who will be injured.  This is a 20 more deaths compared to last year.

“NSC issues fatality estimates for major holiday periods to draw attention to the need for drivers to exercise safe driving practices, especially when a significant number of drivers are expected to be on our nation’s roads,” said Janet Froetscher, NSC CEO AND president.

Important safety recommendations for your Labor Day driving adventures:

-Be sure to establish a distraction-free zone, especially in cars equipped with electronic devices.

-Always be sure that your child passengers are properly seated and buckled in child safety seats that are appropriate to their age and size.

-Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of driving time.  This will help you to avoid frustration behind the wheel and the urge to speed.

Make sure that you’re driving defensively.  This means being ready to react for whatever the road may have to throw at you, including poor weather conditions.

-Make sure you’re sober behind the wheel.  If you’ve been consuming alcohol, make sure you’ve got a designated driver or another safe and sober way to get home.

To avoid being an aggressive driver:

-Again, make sure that you allow yourself with plenty of driving time.

-Always follow the road laws.

-Remember to be patient with other drivers.

-Avoid driving when you feel upset or emotional.

-Try listening to calm, soothing music behind the wheel to soften your nerves.

-Always obey the traffic signals and signs.

We wish you safe and happy travels during the long Labor Day weekend.  Have some fun, but remember to keep safety as a number one priority.

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