Orlando bus accident the latest sign of nationwide increase in accidents involving commercial buses

A Florida bus accident involving a Walt Disney World bus and a charter bus sent at least 8 people to the hospital after an accident in Lake Buena Vista last week, FOXNews reported.

The Orlando bus accident is the latest in a string of high-profile busing accidents nationwide and highlights the significant increase in serious busing accidents in the United States.

A Mears charter bus was parked just off the right lane of Epcot Center Boulevard and the driver was standing outside when the bus was hit by the Disney Bus.

The Disney driver was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center in serious condition. At least seven injured passengers were taken to Florida Hospital Celebration Health.

Fox reported it is the second accident involving a Disney Bus in less than a year; a woman died in an accident involving a Disney bus last July near the Contemporary Resort on World Drive.

Commercial buses transport hundreds of passengers across Florida each day and are heavily regulated because of the danger a serious bus accident poses to passengers and other motorists on the road.

While the number of commercial truck accidents has declined in recent years, the number of bus accidents is on the rise, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Commercial Truck Accidents
Total: 139,349 in 2004 compared to 133,719 in 2008
Fatalities: 5,235 in 2004 compared to 4,229 in 2008
Injuries: 85,028 in 2004 compared to 71,329 in 2008

Bus Accidents
Total: 9,182 in 2004 compared to 14,292 in 2008
Fatalities: 315 in 2004 compared to 307 in 2008
Injuries: 12,369 in 2004 compared to 17,148 in 2008