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Premises Liability – Halloween Injuries a Common Threat

The last thing we need this Halloween is a liability issue.  When people think home safety they often only look at the interior of the home. But the risk of injury on a person’s property begin at the property line. During the Halloween holiday, and on a routine basis, walk the typical entry way to the home from the road to the front door step. Are there any trip hazards? Is the path to the door even and easily accessible?


Our  personal injury lawyers understand that Halloween night is not without risk for homeowners.  If someone is injured on property during Halloween, this could lead to a lawsuit and a payout of compensation to the injured victim by the homeowner’s insurer.

Tips for keeping your property safe and free of hazards include:

-Always keep the outside lights on.  Be sure your visitors, including trick-or-treaters, can see clearly when they enter your property after dark, to avoid falls and other injuries.  In addition to protecting against a liability claim, you’ll deter burglars who don’t like a well-lit home.

-Make sure your lawn is clear of dangerous items, like ladders, hoses, dog leashes and even flower pots.  You want to remove anything that a person could trip over.

-Keep your driveway and sidewalk clear.  Make sure all walkways and the front yard are clean and clutter-free to prevent falls. Put your vehicle in your garage. Close and lock your garage door. Sweep wet leaves from sidewalks and stairs.  Decorative items and jack-o-lanterns should also be positioned at a safe distance from crowds to prevent people from knocking them over or tripping on them.

Repair loose railings on outdoor steps to prevent an accidental fall.

-Use battery-powered lights or light sticks in Jack-O-Lanterns instead of candles.  Lessen the risks for fire incidents.

-Restrain your pets. Everyone loves to meet the family dog, but even the best-behaved dog may spook at a zombie. Keep your cats and dogs away from the festivities for your guests and pets’ safety.

-Don’t give out homemade treats unless you know the kids and they know it’s from you.

-Will you be away from home during Halloween? Remember to set your security alarm system before you depart. Typically, Halloween season is a prime time for mischief and burglaries.  Don’t forget to also activate motion-sensitive lights, and let your friends, family and neighbors know if you will not be home.

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