Red-Light Runners and Risks for Fatal Accidents in South Florida

Most kids understand that green means go, yellow means slow down and red means stop. Most drivers know, too. They just too often ignore the rules of the road.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has launched aggressive enforcement. Statewide, officers will be on the lookout for red-light running drivers who are putting innocent motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians at risk for a potentially fatal accident.

Officers are using this first week of August to push “National Stop on Red Week.” Intersection accidents are among the most dangerous. And the most preventable.

“As motorists in Florida, it is our duty to drive responsibly, drive safely and stop on red,” said Director of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), Col. David Brierton.

Our Boca Raton personal injury attorneys understand the effectiveness of these kinds of campaigns, programs and enforcement efforts. Since National Stop on Red Week was launched by the American Trauma Society and DaimlerChrysler back in 1998, the number of red-light running drivers has decrease by about 15 percent.

“Troopers will take the appropriate enforcement action on those drivers who place themselves and others in danger by running red lights,” said Brierton.

Red-Light Safety Tips:

-Intersections can be dangerous regardless of the color of the traffic signal. Always look in all directions for oncoming traffic before proceeding. You never know when someone else is going to run their red light.

-You need to not only look for red-light running drivers at intersections, but also for pedestrians and cyclists who may be crossing at an inopportune time.

-If your lane’s traffic light changes to yellow, don’t try to speed through it. Gently apply the brakes and decelerate slowly to come to a safe and complete stop before you reach the intersection.

-If you run a red light, not only are you running the risk of getting cited by an officer and having the infraction on your driving record, but you also run the risks of having high insurance rates, costly medical expenses and even some irreversible consequences if you hit, injure or kill someone.

-Make the pledge today to stop at all red lights. Pledge that you’ll also be ready to stop if you see a motorist, a bicyclist or a pedestrians crossing through the intersection when it’s your turn. These defensive driving habits can help to save lives.

-Always keep an eye on your speed and keep an eye on the posted speed limits so that you travel at a speed that will allow you to stop safety at an intersection.

Remember that red-light running accidents are completely preventable. Running a red light is breaking a road law.

In 2009, there were nearly 700 people killed and another 130.000 people injured in accidents that involved a red-light running driver.