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South Florida DUI Traffic Accident a Holiday Focus

Most of us know how dangerous drunk driving is this time of year.  According to the National Safety Council (NSC), about 97 percent of Americans see it as a public threat.  At the same time, about 75 percent of Americans strongly endorse using stricter and more severe penalties against impaired drivers to protect themselves and their loved ones.


If so many Americans are against drunk driving, then how come someone is killed in an alcohol-related every 30 minutes here in the U.S.?  Why is someone injured every 2 minutes.

Our West Palm Beach accident lawyers understand that there has been large gains in the fight to reduce the risk of drunk driving  since the 80s and 90s, but we still have a long way to go.  Currently, about 40 percent of motor-vehicle accident fatalities involve an intoxicated driver.  And to help bring focus to the issue, officials with both national and state organizations are rallying around a few different, and effective, strategies to target the most at-risk drivers.

Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI):

This route is effective in helping to reduce risky drinking and alcohol problems.  This kind of drinking happens when a user consumes alcohol in a way that is harmful to both them and to others.  It can cause serious injury, diseases and a number of health problems.  According to close to 400 research studies, this route is the most cost-effective strategy to fight risky drinking and to help individuals with a drinking problem to get help.

Sobriety Checkpoints:

These sobriety checkpoints help as a deterrent to drunk driving.  They increase the driving public’s perception of the possibility of getting caught.  Studies have shown that checkpoints can reduce drunk driving incidents by about 20 percent.

Ignition Interlocks:

When someone has already been convicted of a drunk driving charge, they are more likely to offend again.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are close to 2 million impaired driving arrests each and every year.  of those arrests, about a third of them are repeat offenders.  With ignition interlock technology, officials believe that they can stop offenders before they even start up their vehicle.

Support for Prosecution and DWI Court:

Officials with the NHTSA report that the success of enforcement largely depends on how effective the adjudication system is.  You want to make sure that offenders are properly sentenced and have a reason not to commit the crime in the first place.  Tough laws and even tougher penalties also serve as a great deterrent.  If DWI cases are not addressed effectively, offenders will be more likely to continue driving impaired.

As we head into the holiday season, we’re asking drivers to go with their instincts and to stay out from behind the wheel after enjoying that Holiday cocktail.  Remember that buzzed driving is drunk driving and you increase your risks for a potentially fatal accident with each and every beverage.

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