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Umbrella insurance is a form of extra liability insurance that protects people from major claims and lawsuits, including those resulting from auto accidents, boat accidents, premises liability claims and more.

It’s also very good news for anyone who has been seriously injured because it increases the likelihood that damages will be paid in full. ambulance1

Yes, you can pursue an at-fault driver personally for injuries incurred in a crash, and if you obtain a favorable judgment, there are ways the court can compel that person to pay up (i.e., wage garnishment, bank account seizure, asset seizure, etc.). Even then, the person may not have enough to cover the full amount, at least not immediately. However, a successful claim against an umbrella insurer will likely be paid timely and in full. And if it isn’t, you might have a case for a bad faith insurance action, which would entitle you to additional damages if successful.