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Florida’s beaches and blue-green waters are a major draw year-round. Labor Day, though, sees the beaches and waterways especially packed. This year, gas prices are down and the recession has eased, so even more are expected to flock. AAA estimates some 35 million people are traveling more than 50 miles for the holiday, and South Florida is a prime destination. champagneonthebeach

But more boating traffic means a greater likelihood of serious crashes, particularly when alcohol is thrown into the mix. No one ones this better than the South Florida first responders called to the scene of a deadly Fourth of July boating accident in the Biscayne Bay earlier this summer. Four people died and a dozen more were injured, some critically. It was one of Florida’s worst-ever crashes, and officials this Labor Day are doing everything they can to avoid a repeat.

Our West Palm Beach boating accident attorneys understand officials at the federal, state, county and municipal level are all teaming up to patrol the waters this weekend, with a keen eye out for drunken skippers. When asked by reporters how many units there would be, the Key Biscayne police chief answered, “A lot.”