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The number of people dying due to teen driver negligence is on the rise for the first time in a decade, reports the AAA automobile club and the Governors Highway Safety Association. In fact, this figure has shot up 10 percent in just a year. teen

This increase follows 10 years in which the number of people killed in teen driver crashes had been slashed by half. In the last five years, AAA reports, teen drivers were involved in some 14,000 fatal crashes. More than 1 in 3 involved speeding. The number killed in those crashes rose from 4,272 in 2014 to 4,689 in 2015. Rewind to 2005, and fatalities in teen car accidents was at 8,241.

It’s not exactly clear what’s behind this increase, though safety advocates blame an increasing number of crashes involving speed and driver distraction (mostly from texting or talking on cell phones).  Continue reading

Poor tire tread is being blamed in a car accident that claimed the lives of four sisters on I-95 Memorial Day.tire1

The group – 11 total in a sport utility vehicle – were in Titusville, on their way home from celebrating their mother’s birthday at a BBQ. The girls who died were 15, 13, 10 and 11. Their 9-year-old sister survived, as did a toddler and several boys, the girls’ mother (who was driving) and her boyfriend, who was in the front passenger seat.

Florida Highway Patrol officials say they intend to investigate the condition of the tire with the tread separation, as well as previous issues with that particular model of vehicle – a Dodge Durango – as well as reported recalls. Authorities also are interested in learning the role that having so many passengers in the car may have played, as well as how many of the individuals in the vehicle were wearing seat belts, as required by law. Continue reading

An accident victim who has been in more than one crash within a short period of time needs to seek immediate legal counsel because questions of causation of injuries are going to loom large in these cases. crash13

It may be possible to pursue legal action against just one defendant, or perhaps it’s advantageous to make claims against both. But either way, the defense is likely to claim it was the other accident that caused the injuries at issue. Your legal team needs to be ready to answer those allegations with solid medical data and expert witness testimony.

There are situations where a driver who is injured in Crash 1 can collect damages for some of those injuries from an at-fault driver in Crash 2 if the circumstances of Crash 2 exacerbated the injuries sustained in Crash 1. Truly, these matters can end up being more complex than they might initially appear.

Involvement in a car accident anywhere is never a good thing. However, new research indicates Florida is the worst place in the nation to have a collision.driving6

The study, released by WalletHub, analyzed data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia on statutory requirements for liability coverage, compared to the types of insurance required and the estimated number of uninsured drivers.

Florida ranked dead last.

Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal recently upheld a jury verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit, finding that while negligence by traffic engineers caused a man’s untimely death, they could not be held liable because the state government had control of the traffic signals in question.trafficsignal

Plaintiffs in McIntosh v. Progressive Design and Engineering et al. had hoped to overcome the so-called “Slavin doctrine”by virtue of the fact the fatal crash occurred just 16 days after the traffic signal had been erected. This was within the 90-day warranty period extended to the government by the construction company to address any defects.

The Slavin doctrine, a product of the 1959 Florida Supreme Court decision in Slavin v. Kay, holds that construction companies and engineers contracted by municipal governments can’t be held liable for defects in their work if the government accepts the work and so long as the defect wasn’t latent.

Umbrella insurance is a form of extra liability insurance that protects people from major claims and lawsuits, including those resulting from auto accidents, boat accidents, premises liability claims and more.

It’s also very good news for anyone who has been seriously injured because it increases the likelihood that damages will be paid in full. ambulance1

Yes, you can pursue an at-fault driver personally for injuries incurred in a crash, and if you obtain a favorable judgment, there are ways the court can compel that person to pay up (i.e., wage garnishment, bank account seizure, asset seizure, etc.). Even then, the person may not have enough to cover the full amount, at least not immediately. However, a successful claim against an umbrella insurer will likely be paid timely and in full. And if it isn’t, you might have a case for a bad faith insurance action, which would entitle you to additional damages if successful.