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Three years ago, Rebecca Forkey was a 24-year-old woman heading to the gym, training for a bodybuilding competition. Little did she know, her physical fitness is likely what kept her alive in a car accident that would have killed most people, her doctors now say. Driver

The Missouri woman is now quadriplegic. She hopes one day to regain some use of her hands and arms. Her physical therapy is intensive, and while she makes strides, she’s likely to remain permanently disabled the rest of her life.

Now 27, the East Bay Times reported she just secured a $24 million settlement against the employer of the so-called “Good Samaritan” who nearly killed her while trying to do the right thing.  Continue reading

Increasingly, auto insurance policies are containing provisions that require insureds to handle any disputes through arbitration, rather than in a courtroom. motorcycle5

Understand that when you file a claim, your insurer more than likely isn’t going to grant that request automatically. Insurers will conduct their own investigation of the circumstances, the damages and your injuries and make a determination on how much they should offer a settlement amount. Almost always, this amount is lower than what you should receive, and that’s why so many cases wind up in court.

However, when insurance policies have an arbitration clause, it means the dispute has to be handled by a designated third party – not a judge.

Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal recently upheld a jury verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit, finding that while negligence by traffic engineers caused a man’s untimely death, they could not be held liable because the state government had control of the traffic signals in question.trafficsignal

Plaintiffs in McIntosh v. Progressive Design and Engineering et al. had hoped to overcome the so-called “Slavin doctrine”by virtue of the fact the fatal crash occurred just 16 days after the traffic signal had been erected. This was within the 90-day warranty period extended to the government by the construction company to address any defects.

The Slavin doctrine, a product of the 1959 Florida Supreme Court decision in Slavin v. Kay, holds that construction companies and engineers contracted by municipal governments can’t be held liable for defects in their work if the government accepts the work and so long as the defect wasn’t latent.

While the number of uninsured motorists nationwide has declined, it continues to be a major concern here in Florida, where 1 in every 4 motorists lacks insurance coverage.

Our Boca Raton car accident lawyers recognize that while Florida is a no-fault state, uninsured motorists still pose harm to the rest of us because they limit the ability to seek damages directly from the at-fault driver’s insurer if the injured party’s own insurance isn’t enough to cover all loses. This happens all too frequently. Even those drivers who do maintain insurance often don’t have enough of it to pay for all incurred expenses, including medical bills, lost wages and property damage. $ Car- Ching $

This is one of the reasons why uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is so critically important, especially in Florida. UIM coverage, as it is often referred, protects drivers in the event of a collision with an uninsured or underinsured driver. It is an extension of the regular policy that agrees to pick up the tab for whatever excess amount the at-fault driver’s insurance wouldn’t cover (up to the stated liability limit). It does the same in cases where the at-fault driver had no insurance.

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