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As our northern neighbors are enduring yet another bout of arctic weather that is rendering the roadways extremely hazardous as far south as Atlanta and Birmingham, we have been hearing a great deal about chain-reaction crashes attributed to this weather. carsassorted

Also known as “pile-ups,” USA Today recently reported that since the ¬†beginning of December, there has been one such weather-related pile-up reported on U.S. highways every single day. In all of last year, there were nearly 110 such incidents, averaging about two each week, though most occur between the stretch of December through February, when winter weather is at its peak nastiness.

Our Boca Raton car accident attorneys want to stress that Florida is not immune to pile-ups, though in our case, such crashes typically occur for different reasons. We may not have the build-up of snow and ice that precede northern chain-reaction crashes. However, we do have extensive problems with fog, smoke and heavy rain that have proven just as deadly.