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The Hollander Law Firm, one of the most trusted injury law firms in South Florida, has taken on a challenging and legally complex case that has garnered the interest of Courtroom View Network, a legal news and analysis source founded by Michael Breyer, son of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.gregg hollander

We represent the plaintiff in Silkworth v. Boca Raton Regional Hospital, where the key question is causation. Specifically, what – or who – caused plaintiff’s paralyzing spinal cord injury in June 2012? Defendants assert the injury was the cause of a violent car accident, wherein plaintiff was seated in the back seat of a taxi. However, our claim is that while the plaintiff’s injuries at the time of the crash were indeed serious, it was the negligence of health care professionals who treated her that resulted in her paralysis.

Emergency health care workers are specially trained to be extremely cautious in their initial assessment of someone with spinal trauma. The standard of care almost universally dictates that when there is a clinical concern of a possible spinal injury, workers must immobilize the patient. That is, if there is any indication whatsoever that there could be a spinal cord injury, medical personal must immobilize. Generally speaking, proper immobilization will not hurt a patient who is not suffering a spinal injury. However, if a patient with a spinal injury is not immediately and properly  immobilized, it could cause profound and irreversible damage.  Continue reading

A South Florida cardiologist is seeking to recover damages for devastating injuries he reportedly suffered during a botched electroshock therapy session. According to Courtroom View Network, plaintiff in Dadi v. Sharma is asking defendant psychiatrist to pay $27 million in damages. electricity

During opening statements, as broadcast gavel-to-gavel by CVN, plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorneys explained how he was a nuclear cardiologist. He fluently spoke five languages. Now, as a result of the substandard care he received from defendant, he is unable to even practice medicine. He is unable to remember the movie he last watched, let alone read and comprehend a medical journal.

Plaintiff’s attorney described his brain injury as both severe and profound.  Continue reading

Opening arguments had been slated to begin in the case of Page v. Moses Taylor Hospital, a medical malpractice action in suburban New York following the death of two unborn twin girls in utero after their mother suffered from pre-eclampsia. pregnancy1

This dangerous condition occurs usually 20 weeks into gestation, and is characterized by high blood pressure. Even a slightly high blood pressure can be an indication, and if left untreated, the condition can be fatal to both the unborn child and the mother. The only cure is immediate delivery of the baby. In this case, that cure came too late. According to court records, a seizure suffered by the mother caused the placenta to become detached from the womb. The girls were stillborn at nearly 34 weeks and the mother, then 29, was forced to undergo an emergency hysterectomy to stop the hemhorraging, meaning she can never have any more children.

Leading up to the trial date, the judge made a number of rulings that favored the plaintiff, including allowing an expert witness to testify about the pain experienced by the twin fetuses as they died in their mother’s womb. This was an essential element of the case that would have furthered her compensation for pain and suffering. The judge also ruled that despite protests from the defense, a preeclamptic stillbirth has a valid emotional effect on the mother. The defense had tried to argue in a motion in limine that any evidence of emotional distress should not be allowed to be presented to jurors.  Continue reading

Does a doctor have a responsibility to read prescription orders he or she is required by law to sign? yellowpen

According to a jury in North Carolina, in a verdict reluctantly affirmed by the North Carolina Court of Appeals: No.

The case underscores the different way in which medical malpractice lawsuits are weighed as opposed to other types of negligence cases. In order for a doctor to be held liable for injuries sustained by a patient, the fact of an adverse health outcome is not so important as whether that doctor breached the applicable standard of care for his or her specialty. This is established through expert witness testimony, as provided by other health care professionals similarly situated.

Preventable injuries and deaths resulting from medical errors is still a significant problem. No one is asserting otherwise. Since a startling National Institute of Medicine report in 1999 indicated an estimated 98,000 people die each year in hospitals as a result of preventable hospital errors. doctorpatientrelationship

Now, however, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reports a 17 percent decline in the number of hospital-acquired conditions from 2010 to 2013, which officials translated to 50,000 fewer deaths and a savings of $12 billion nationally.

Still, researchers have reason to believe there are some 600,000 people nationwide who suffer serious health consequences as a result of medical errors. These kinds of mistakes include:

One of the most common elective procedures in the U.S. is Lasik eye surgery, conducted to help improve one’s vision. Millions have opted to have it in order to avoid the hassle of contacts and glasses. boysgreeneye

While the surgery often goes well, the prevalence of it has meant our Broward medical malpractice attorneys are seeing an increasing number of cases wherein the procedure wasn’t conducted properly, facilities were inadequate or doctors failed to provide proper follow-up care.

Complications can range from irritation and blurred vision to dry eyes, light sensitivity, pain, astigmatism and sometimes even blindness. Some of these problems were at issue in the recent case of Leavitt v. Siems, weighed recently by the Nevada Supreme Court.

Patient Safety Awareness Week runs March 2 through March 8 this year, and our Boca Raton medical malpractice attorneys are urging all Floridians to take a moment to consider their own prescription drug safety. magicpills

Certainly medication errors are a serious problem, and doctors, pharmacists and health care professionals have a responsibility throughout the prescribing process to ensure patients are given the appropriate drug in the correct amount each and every time.

But that doesn’t mean patients are helpless.

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