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Video captured recently by a Florida red light camera showed a motorcyclist landing on his feet – and walking away – from a crash that occurred at an intersection after a car made an improper left turn. biker2
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Hundreds of thousands of motorcycles are roaring into Florida from across the country, revved up for the annual Daytona Bike Week festival held in Daytona Beach. choppermotorbike

Boca Raton motorcycle injury lawyers know that the 10-day festival is slated to be even more popular than in years past, with an estimated 600,000 riders expected to attend. In fact, it’s the No. 1 biker destination in the country annually, and many take the opportunity to ride through the sunshine state in the weeks before and after the annual trek.

Florida welcomes each of these guests, and we encourage all car and truck drivers to exercise additional caution as we anticipate the rush of two-wheeled vehicles throughout the state.

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