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Anytime someone seeks to bring legal action against a town, city, state or federal government entity or employee, there will be hurdles.youthbaseball

For starters, there is the principle of sovereign immunity. This holds the government can’t be held liable for negligence unless it specifically grants permission for such action. Most states have a predetermined list of conditions one must meet in order to have a valid case. For example, action can be brought against a government for negligence of a government employee only if that employee was carrying out a ministerial function, as opposed to a discretionary one.

Beyond that, there are often strict notification requirements and short windows in which to inform the entity of the intent to sue and to take certain action to do so. This is true even when the same general statute of limitations is applicable.

If you have been injured, whether in a car accident or as a result of a work injury or from a dog bite, you can expect if you sue that the defense will likely request a compulsory medical exam.braino1

Sometimes referred to as an “independent” medical exam, the real purpose of these examinations is typically to aid the defense in refuting the plaintiff’s assertion of injuries with regard to causation, type and extent. Essentially, the doctor is looking to minimize the liability of the defense.

Our Boca Raton personal injury lawyers recognize this process can be somewhat overwhelming for the injured party. The good news is that Florida Rules of Civil Procedure limit the reasons why such an exam may be granted. The scope, too, is restricted.

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