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Authorities recently arrested a man accused of leaving the scene of a West Palm Beach crash after failing to stop for a red light on Jog Road. He reportedly struck a 42-year-old moped driver attempting to turn left. redlight

The moped driver was transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Just three months after Palm Beach County commissioners opted to stop the use of traffic light cameras to catch red-light runners, the problem continues. The cameras are meant to be a deterrent for would-be red-light runners, but the risks persist, with or without them.

A Florida appellate court has ordered an auto insurance provider to pay an additional $27,000 in sanctions on top of a $20,000 injury liability limit, after it failed to indemnify the estate of an insured who was dishonest about his ability to drive during a deposition in a negligence action.

The case is convoluted, and spread over the course of several years. But West Palm Beach pedestrian accident attorneys understand the bottom line was the insurer violated Florida insurance law and did not act soon enough to mitigate its liability after learning the driver had lied about his physical impairments – specifically, his poor vision – in sworn testimony in a lawsuit following a crash.pedestriancrossingsign

In GEICO v. Rodriguez, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal indicated the sanctions judgment, rendered as punishment for the dishonesty of the at-fault driver, was to be paid by the driver’s insurer, which had a duty to indemnify him. The insurer may additionally have to pay $750,000 in consent judgments, though that matter is still pending.

The installation of a single ignition switch could have saved dozens of young lives and spared many more the heartache of life-altering injuries, according to federal lawmakers and regulators probing a decade-long delay in a General Motors recall of some 2 million vehicles. onecarkey1

As investigators sift through the evidence and comb over the recent testimony of GM CEO Mary Barra and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Acting Administrator David Friedman, one fact is becoming apparent: The defect in the affected models appears to have disproportionately impacted young drivers.

West Palm Beach car accident attorneys understand that this is primarily because the affected models, like the Saturn Ion and the Chevrolet Cobalt , were specifically marketed to young, first-time buyers and parents who were seeking a vehicle for their children.