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Chain reaction accidents are terrifying – and for good reason because they are extremely dangerous. brakes

Also sometimes referred to as “pileups” or “multiple vehicle collisions,” the reason they are so treacherous is that in a blink, the entire roadway becomes essentially a giant obstacle course, and the threats to your safety are numerous. It’s this kind of confusion that often results in even more crashes. It’s not unheard of in these cases to see dozens of people injured or killed.

These cases are more complicated than other types because they usually involve:

  • Multiple defendants
  • Multiple insurance companies
  • Victims competing against one another for a share of the limited amount of money

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A Southwest Florida reporter recently delved into what she perceived as the state’s problem with notoriously bad driving. drivefastsaab

There are the drivers who dawdle just under the speed limit in the left lane. Then there are those who tear through traffic so fast you’d almost miss them if they hadn’t barely struck you trying to get past.

The reporter, Jennifer Reed of Gulfshore Life, noted she’s from Massachusetts (where drivers aren’t known for their behind-the-wheel courtesy), but Southwest Florida was just as bad if not worse. Still, she wanted to quantify the violations she witnesses on her daily 60-mile commute.  Continue reading

Government and its agencies may be found liable for auto accidents that are caused in whole or in part to defects in highway design or poor maintenance. However, these cases often turn on the issue of whether sovereign immunity is applicable.motorcycleride

Sovereign immunity is the legal doctrine that shields government agencies from liability lawsuits. However, as most courts have agreed that construction and maintenance of roads are proprietary functions (i.e., those that could be carried out by a private entity as opposed to the government), meaning these actions may be subject to liability. But it’s still considered a complex and evolving area of law.

The recent case of McFadden v. Dept. of Transp. before the Iowa Supreme Court was one such case in which negligent highway maintenance was alleged to have played a role a death. Plaintiff’s husband was the decedent.

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