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Since the Graves Amendment was enacted into federal law, rental car companies have been able to evade any vicarious liability for the negligent actions of their drivers. That means if you’re injured by someone driving a rental car, you can’t hold the owner of the vehicle responsible (as you normally would be able to under Florida law) unless the company was in some way directly liable for the inside

What’s perhaps even more troubling is that there is no federal requirement mandating that vehicle renters purchase liability coverage on that vehicle. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for rental car companies to rent out their fleet to motorists who are not insured.

This means those injured by uninsured renters may find themselves with little recourse – unless they have uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage. This was the scenario in the recent case of Martin v. Powers, weighed by the Tennessee Supreme Court. Here, plaintiff was battling his UM/UIM carrier because the company refused to find a rental vehicle “uninsured/ underinsured” for purposes of the policy. True, the vehicle was owned by a large, wealthy company. The problem was the only insurance to which plaintiff was entitled was a $25,000 liability policy maintained by the allegedly drunk driver – and that company wouldn’t pay either because it asserted the injury was intentionally inflicted. Continue reading

Three years ago, Rebecca Forkey was a 24-year-old woman heading to the gym, training for a bodybuilding competition. Little did she know, her physical fitness is likely what kept her alive in a car accident that would have killed most people, her doctors now say. Driver

The Missouri woman is now quadriplegic. She hopes one day to regain some use of her hands and arms. Her physical therapy is intensive, and while she makes strides, she’s likely to remain permanently disabled the rest of her life.

Now 27, the East Bay Times reported she just secured a $24 million settlement against the employer of the so-called “Good Samaritan” who nearly killed her while trying to do the right thing.  Continue reading

A new study by national consumer group Consumer Federation of America revealed that drivers in Florida who rent – as opposed to own – a residence are charged 10 percent more for car insurance.carcrashinsurance

In some places across the country, it’s even worse, with auto insurance companies charge 47 percent more to renters versus homeowners – regardless of their driving history. The group reached these figures by analyzing insurance quotes for a safe driver aged 30 in different markets.

Nationally, the average for renters was 7 percent higher – or another $112 annually – compared to drivers who own their home. The worst offender was Liberty Mutual, the group found, which charged a whopping 19 percent more to renters, which worked out to more than $300 a year. Continue reading

Whenever there has been a serious injury or death caused by a roadway accident, it’s imperative that inspection of that road be undertaken right away by knowledgeable highway design experts. highway

In some situations, dangerous roads and unsafe conditions on public property can contribute to the cause of a crash or the severity of it. The reason personal injury lawyers must get involved right away is that law enforcement officers almost never cite “poor design of road” or “improper road maintenance” as a cause of a crash. That has to be independently proven by a victim’s legal team.

What we would be looking to determine is whether there is government liability for lack of maintenance, failure to correct a dangerous condition or bad road design. And anytime government entities are involved as defendants in a case, the legal issues can quickly get thorny. Expert consultants and witnesses are critical in these matters.

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