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Those who purchase car insurance in Florida are not only obeying the law, they are being responsible motorists and citizens. That said, it’s entirely possible that the coverage you think you bought isn’t actually what you have.

Our Fort Myers car accident attorneys know the problem has to do with the various exclusions and limits that often lurk in the fine print. These exclusions limit who is covered under the policy and at what times and under which circumstances. In some cases, the details are complex. The good new is that if you challenge these exclusions in court and the judge finds the language of the policy to be ambiguous, the law requires the court issue a finding in your favor. drivefastsaab

The bad news is there are still plenty of exclusions the courts have upheld. One of the most common is the “family step-down provision.” This clause caps coverage to those who would otherwise be insured (usually live-in family members) to the statutory minimum, rather than your policy limit.

Companies have a responsibility to pay for damages caused by their employees in automobile accidents as part of the vicarious liability doctrine. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are a few defenses to this doctrine, however, and one would be denial that the individual was an employee. In these cases, Fort Myers car accident attorneys recognize that the defendant’s word shouldn’t necessarily be taken at face value. In some instances, it’s up to the courts to decide whether an individual was an employee, based on the working relationship of the parties.

This matters to car accident victims because it can mean the difference between pursuing a liability action against the at-fault driver individually, and pursuing action against the employer and its insurance company. The latter may ultimately result in a higher payout.

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