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The defendant in Zelaznik v. Isensee never denied she was the at-fault party in a crash that prompted the plaintiff to seek medical treatment.atthewheel

But despite a $1.1 million verdict in favor of the plaintiff for damages as a result, the defendant insists the crash wasn’t the true cause of the plaintiff’s injuries. Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal, however, disagreed with her, allowing the verdict for the injured woman to stand.

Our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers know one of the key elements in these cases is showing a causal connection between the crash and the specific injuries suffered.

Speed limits on Florida highways are already some of the fastest this side of the Mississippi. speedometer

But traffic doesn’t move quickly enough for some Florida legislators, who are trying to green light a bill that would raise the speed limit from 70-miles-per-hour to 75-miles-per-hour in some portions of the state. The measures could also result in increasing speed on rural four-lane stretches of road from 65-miles-per-hour up to 70-miles-per-hour.

Our West Palm Beach car accident attorneys learned that some lawmakers may have more of an incentive to change the current limits than others. The Scripps Florida Investigative Team recently analyzed the driving records of every current state legislator.

Most people recognize that if you are ticketed for any kind of traffic offense, you are going to have to pay a fine, court costs and potentially restitution if you caused property damage. trafficsignal1

What you may not realize is that the cost of your auto insurance is also going to rise – in many cases substantially, even after receiving a minor ticket. Car accident lawyers in West Palm Beach want to drive home this point because those who pay a higher cost for insurance are more apt to scrape by with bottom-of-the-barrel coverage or lapse on their payments altogether, which would result in no coverage.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage carried by the victim is supposed to provide remedy, but auto insurance firms have a well-established reputation for systematic denial of claims. In some cases, there has been documented proof that insurance firms have offered rewards to employees who successfully decline the most claims.

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