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A 16-year-old who suffered serious injuries after being bitten by a Labrador retriever while at a friend’s house in Connecticut has been awarded $1.4 million by a state court judge.labrador

According to, the teen, who just entered his junior year of high school, has already endured 10 surgeries due to the attack and will likely require at least two more in the future. The attack reportedly occurred in 2013 at the rental home of the dog’s owners, who later euthanized the dog. The victim allegedly suffered severe injuries to his face, left eye, chin, lip, neck, shoulder and chest. He had to be transported to the hospital via helicopter, as medical personnel feared at the time his injuries could be life-threatening.

This case shatters some of the notions some pet owners have that certain breeds are inherently safe. News reports indicate the attack was reportedly unprovoked and the dog, named “Bubba,” reportedly did not have a history of violence. Continue reading

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