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Republican legislators in Florida have allotted $125,000 for the study of what it would mean for the Sunshine State to get rid of he system of no-fault car insurance (PIP – personal injury protection) that has been in place for more than 40 years. drive9

Lawmakers reportedly had hoped that legal changes four years ago would lower payments for consumers. However, Florida’s top insurers show that since the beginning of last year, auto insurance premiums are up 40 percent.

Now, records from the state’s Department of Financial Services show officials picked an outside research firm to investigate the effect that nixing no-fault will have. A draft of the report is due at the end of August, with the final report due soon after.  Continue reading

The dram shop liability law in Florida, as codified in F.S. 768.125, limits liability against establishments for serving alcohol when those who consume the drinks go on to injure others. That injury most typically includes drunk driving, but it could mean other types of damages that occur as a result of that person’s intoxication. The circumstances in Florida under which a bar or restaurant could be held accountable are only when drinks are sold/furnished to minors or those with a known addiction to alcohol. abottle

Other states have dram shop laws that are considerably broader.

But no matter where a case takes place, there may be legal disputes regarding the technical interpretations of the language in dram shop laws.

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