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We all know that auto insurance exists because innocent victims of car accidents shouldn’t have to pay for damages they incur due to someone else’s negligence. thegunblackwhite

But there are some cases in which the term “accident” has encompassed situations that don’t involve a traditional crash of two automobiles. Across the country, courts have held that personal injury protection coverage includes injuries that might not necessarily involve the collision of two vehicles, but rather arises out of the vehicle – even when the connection between the injury and the vehicle use is remote.

For example, if you slip-and-fall while exiting the vehicle, courts have held that no-fault auto insurance coverage would apply. However, if you slip-and-fall after you’ve already gotten out of the vehicle, that probably wouldn’t be covered. 

During the discovery phase of civil trial proceedings, there is extensive effort on both sides to uncover all facts, records and other evidence relevant to the case. It involves deposing eyewitnesses, seeking expert witness testimony, conducting reconstruction of the incident and becoming as knowledgeable as possible on the facts of the case as they apply to the law. containers

In some situations, there is evidence to which only one side has access. It may be relevant to the case, and it may be impossible for the other side to obtain it otherwise. These could be things like medical records, voicemail recordings or video evidence. Properly determining what to hand over and what to fight to withhold takes legal experience and skill.

Where the evidence is deemed work-product privilege, the requesting party will have an even higher proof burden.

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