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Despite the 2015 hype of the hoverboard, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing a proliferation of the futuristic apparatus zooming in 2016. christmasgift1

That’s due to growing concerns that the two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter can catch fire or explode due to faulty wiring. There’s also a reported significant fall risk. A number of retail giants, including Amazon and Overstock, have discontinued sales of the product and some have even warned customers via e-mail to stop using the ones they have purchased. Amazon promised a full refund. It’s an unusual step, especially for such a popular product, but it’s one likely rooted in caution to avoid product liability action. That’s because when a product is dangerous or defective, not only can the manufacturer be held accountable, the distributor can as well.

Although they’ve been banned in the United Kingdom, they are still available in some outlets in the U.S., they’re getting tougher to find. Consumers can still find them directly on manufacturer sites, and there are a few listing that still remain at other distributors. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has logged 29 emergency room visits and 11 reported fires in 11 states, according to The New York Times. The agency said it does expect more injury reports now that Christmas is over because some consumers may not have heard of the problems before items were purchased, wrapped and gifted.