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When we send our children to school, we trust that those in charge (teachers, principals, coaches and aides) are going to properly supervise them in order to minimize their chance of injury. This is especially true when they are engaged in activities that pose a foreseeable risk. This is known as a duty of care. playground

Lack of supervision in and of itself doesn’t necessarily establish liability. Plaintiffs in these cases have to show that this factor was a proximate cause of the child injury. In many situations, it comes down to the individual. This is why the level of supervision required for a 6-year-old would be much higher than it would be for a high school student.

In a recent case out of Connecticut, a mother is suing the school district, a gym teacher and a second-grade teacher after the child allegedly suffered serious injury to her arm during gym class while being directed to perform a gymnastics move. 

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