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There has been much news lately about defective or dangerous products that may cause injury – Exploding airbags. Exploding phones. Exploding hoverboards. These concerns are legitimate, but the products that cause the most injuries are those that are seemingly much more benign. Take shopping carts, for cart

A study published by researchers from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio reports some 24,000 children are injured annually as a result of shopping carts. That’s 66 children every single day treated in hospital emergency rooms in the U.S. for injuries related to shopping carts. From 1990 through 2011, researchers tallied nearly 531,000 children suffering shopping cart injuries – many severe, including head injuries caused by falling from the cart. This was even after the shopping cart industry passed voluntary safety standards in 2004.

But it appears children aren’t the only victims. A Northeast Ohio woman recently won her personal injury lawsuit – and was awarded $1.3 million – for injury caused when she was mowed over by a motorized shopping cart, operated by a fellow customer.  Continue reading

When products are unsafe because of improper design or errors in manufacturing, those who are injured by these defects have the option of pursing legal action against the manufacturers or distributors. swimmingpool4

However, they do not have infinite time to do this.

The statute of limitations in Florida for personal injury action – including that arising from product liability – is four years from the time the injury occurred or from when it should have been discovered. Not all injuries that result from defective products are revealed right away. Similarly, the defect may not be revealed until many years after the product is made or after it causes injury.