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Good Samaritan laws exist throughout the country and are intended to offer legal protection to persons who may otherwise be reluctant to provide assistance to someone who is injured, incapacitated or in danger. These laws can be complex and vary from state-to-state. helpingmedic

Florida’s Good Samaritan Act, F.S. 768.13, indicates that any person – including those who practice medicine – who act willingly and in good faith to provide emergency care or treatment to someone in an emergency won’t be liable for civil damages resulting from this aid or treatment. If the person who is helping causes harm, he or she is generally only liable if they:

  • Failed to use reasonable care;
  • Showed reckless disregard for the consequences.

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Fire alarm panels in apartment and condominium complexes are considered the “brains” of the alarm system, which not only releases an audible warning to residents of fire, but notifies the fire department of the need to respond. firealarm1

These systems often contain copper wiring, making them an attractive, easy target for thieves. Alternatively, they can be resold whole to dealers. That’s reportedly what happened recently in South Florida.

Authorities in Hollywood have arrested a 38-year-old alarm technician on more than 100 counts of grand theft, burglary and preventing or obstructing extinguishment of a fire after they allege he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of alarm systems (about 150 in all). In so doing, authorities say he has jeopardized the safety of thousands of residents of South Florida condo and apartment complexes.

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