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Plaintiffs in a proposed class action injury lawsuit scored a major goal in an action targeting the U.S. Soccer Federal, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the U.S. Youth Soccer Association Inc., National Association of Competitive Soccer Clubs Inc., California Youth Soccer Association and the American Youth Soccer Organization.soccer3

The New York Times reported that as part of an effort to resolve the Meher et al v. FIFA et al litigation, it would impose a series of safety initiatives specifically aimed at reducing head injuries for players – particularly women and children. The policy would set strict limits on young players, expressly banning participants under the age of 10 from “heading” the ball. Players between the ages of 11 and 13 will be required to significantly reduce the number of “headers” they can take on in practice.

Regulations will be required for all U.S. Soccer youth national academies and teams – which will include Major League Soccer Youth clubs. However, the rules will remain “recommendations” for development programs and other soccer associations that under the control of U.S. Soccer.

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that because the University of Central Florida Athletics Association acts as an instrumentality of the state, it is entitled to limited sovereign immunity and thus is only responsible for paying $200,000 of a $10 million wrongful death judgment for the sports-related death of a college football player in 2008.SONY DSC

The court’s decision in Plancher v. UCF Athletics Ass’n, Inc. is an affirmation of an earlier decision by Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeals, following a jury trial that found in favor of the family.

Surviving family members of the football player do have one last option: The Florida legislature.

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