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Dominique Sharpton, daughter of American civil rights activist Al Sharpton, has come under fire after a number of social media posts emerged showing her hiking, dancing in high heels and traveling to Miami. None of this would likely be noteworthy to the public, except for the fact that almost two years ago, she suffered a personal injury in a trip-and-fall accident on the streets of New York City. pothole2

Sharpton has insisted the pictures do not show the whole picture. And of course, she’s probably right. The fact is, what we post on social media doesn’t give a full and accurate view of our entire lives, particularly our emotional suffering or our physical pain. Nonetheless, defendants in personal injury cases will be quick to scour these accounts for any sliver of information that might contradict the injury claims made by the plaintiff.

In Sharpton’s case, she says the heels she could wear only for a very short time. That hiking trip? She had to stop numerous times and received a great deal of help from friends. She doubted whether she would make it to the top. Continue reading

When a parking lot trip-and-fall accident occurs in a landscaped area not intended for pedestrian foot traffic, can a property owner still be held liable? parkinglot1

According to Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals: It depends.

In the recent case of Grimes v. Family Dollar Stores of Florida, Inc., et al., the court ruled that previous precedent that answered, “No” to this question had not taken into account a situation wherein the landscaped area was well-worn from business invitees routinely using it as a walkway. The court reasoned that when an area displays this kind of condition, visitors may reason that this is an accepted shortcut. It also puts the property owner/ manager on notice that customers are using the area for this purpose, which heightens the responsibility to ensure it is reasonably safe.  Continue reading