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The Kansas Supreme Court recently ruled that an insurance policy covering student athlete travel should cover crash injuries suffered by a school soccer player who had been riding in the back of a teammate’s pickup truck on the way to a match.carcrash5

In the case of Rodriguez v. United Sch. Dist. No. 500, the 10th grader, once active with a bright future, sustained permanent traumatic brain injuries that rendered him in need of 24-7 care for the rest of his life.

The question before the court was whether a under applicable state laws, school district policies and administrative guidelines the crash, which occurred in a private vehicle driven by another student, was considered “covered travel.” That’s the phrase that’s listed in the insurance policy, and that’s what the court was attempting to determine. The insurer insisted the travel was not covered, while the injured student’s parents, suing on his behalf, argued that it was.

Florida is a vacation destination, and hotel owners frequently must cope with guests who are raucous and rowdy and occasionally argumentative and belligerent. hotelhallway

But if a hotel evicts patrons such as these under potentially dangerous circumstances – say, being too drunk to drive – can it be held liable for injuries that result?

The answer from the Colorado Supreme Court in Westin v. Groh: It’s possible. Although the ruling doesn’t have a direct effect on the Florida court system, state high courts will often look to the decisions of other courts for guidance when facing similar quandaries.

A proposed class action lawsuit filed in Miami federal court against makers of allegedly faulty Takata airbags, as well as numerous auto manufacturers, was recently stayed by a judge who also denied plaintiffs’ requests for immediate disclosure of evidence. wreckedcar

In Dunn v. Takata Corp., plaintiff attorneys requested “all documentation” related to the 14-million-vehicle recall possessed by both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Congress. One defense attorney equated this request to “a demand for the entire universe,” and the request was denied. All other matters pertaining to the case has been stayed until the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation can meet at the end of January 2015. Then they will decide in Miami which courts should take these cases.

Some include personal injury and wrongful death claims. Others – like the Dunn case – pertain solely to the economic losses incurred by vehicle owners whose car values have diminished as a result of being equipped with faulty airbags that purportedly can explode upon impact.

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