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A recent study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, a not-for-profit think tank, revealed cosmetics marketed to black women are more likely to contain possibly harmful ingredients, as compared to those marketed to the general

The analysis explored the listed ingredients in some 1,180 beauty and personal care products sold to black customers. Of the products on that list, less than one quarter received good scores in a rating system developed by the researchers to measure potentially dangerous ingredients. Compare this to beauty products marketed to the general public, in which 40 percent received good scores.

About 1 in 12 products marketed to black women was ranked “highly hazardous.” Similar figures existed for products marketed to the general public, but the disparity with regard to the “good” – i.e., “safe” – products suggests black women have far fewer options when it comes to beauty products that aren’t linked to cancer, hormone disruption, developmental and reproductive damage, infections, allergies and other adverse health effects.  Continue reading

In one of the most recent actions against the pushes of “Low-T” testosterone therapy drugs, a couple has filed a lawsuit against drug maker AbbieVie Inc. and Abbot Laboratories Inc., the manufacturers of a drug called AndroGel. gel

In Freeman v. AbbieVie, Inc., plaintiff alleges he was prescribed the drug to treat a number of symptoms purportedly caused by reduced levels of testosterone. Within several months of taking the drug, plaintiff asserts he started to suffer from a series of severe complications, which included pain and swelling in his groin, foot and leg.

He sought treatment from a primary care physician, who then referred him to the hospital for a full evaluation. Ultimately, he was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis, a potentially fatal condition that results when a blood clot forms deep in one’s veins, usually in the legs.

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