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It was known as the “Ghost Ship.” It served as a showcase for a cluster of artist studios, illegal living quarters and the occasional underground dance party. Now, the shell of the warehouse in Oakland, CA is the site of one of the deadliest fires in recent U.S. history, and a stark reminder of why it is so critical that property owners abide by fire and safety codes.warehouse

Authorities report 36 people died at the venue, and prosecutors were exploring whether murder charges might be filed once the investigation is completed. It’s not clear exactly how the blaze started, but it’s possible that culpable negligence could lead to a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Those familiar with the space called it “a death trap,” cluttered with piled wood, furniture, haphazard electrical cords and just two exits. Before the fire, the property manager had reportedly been confronted several times by neighbors regarding trash in the street and on the sidewalk. He was reportedly resistant to inspectors responding to complaints or pressing him to comply with building codes. In a television interview after the fire, he spoke to the families of those lost, saying, “I surrender everything.”

The property owners – a mother and daughter – said they were not aware of the space being used as a dwelling. The family offered their condolences, but that is of little solace to those struggling with enormous grief right now – especially when there is so much evidence these deaths didn’t have to happen. They shouldn’t have happened. It will likely be asserted that but for the negligence of those responsible to keep this property safe, these deaths almost certainly wouldn’t have happened.  Continue reading

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that because the University of Central Florida Athletics Association acts as an instrumentality of the state, it is entitled to limited sovereign immunity and thus is only responsible for paying $200,000 of a $10 million wrongful death judgment for the sports-related death of a college football player in 2008.SONY DSC

The court’s decision in Plancher v. UCF Athletics Ass’n, Inc. is an affirmation of an earlier decision by Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeals, following a jury trial that found in favor of the family.

Surviving family members of the football player do have one last option: The Florida legislature.

In seeking compensation for a Florida construction accident, there are many factors to consider. In many cases, workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy available to those injured on the job. However, there could be an exception if the company is deemed to be culpably negligent. It’s a difficult standard to overcome. There also may be an option for a third-party lawsuit, in which negligence claims can be pursued against someone other than the employer.

Our West Palm Beach construction accident lawyers are experienced in helping clients determine the best course of action, based on the underlying facts. steelbeam

The recent case of R.L. Haines Construction, LLC v. Santamaria et al. reveals how difficult it can be to overcome employer immunity pursuant to the Worker’s Compensation Law, Chapter 440 of Florida Statutes.

When people who abuse prescription drugs are harmed by that abuse, the historical belief has been that they “did it to themselves.” pillsbrownbottle

However, attitudes about addiction and its consequences have been evolving as the medical community has come to accept it more as a medical illness, rather than a moral shortfall. What’s more, we are beginning to look more critically at who is responsible for the harm caused to addicts, particularly when substances are strictly controlled and there is a known danger of providing them.

West Palm Beach wrongful death attorneys see these factors as the basis for a potential lawsuit. Doctors, pharmacists and other health care providers have a duty of care to their patients. Supplying mass quantities of powerful painkillers to known addicts is a clear breach of that duty.

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