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For many years, addiction and the overdoses that so often accompanied them were viewed as a moral failure of the addict. In recent years, our understanding of addiction as a medical condition has evolved. As such, we are seeing an increasing number of instances in which medical professionals – including physicians and pharmacists – are being held accountable for negligence that played a causal factor in overdose. bluepilles

In 2013, Walgreens paid $80 million to settle a claim with the Drug Enforcement Administration that it failed to control opiod pain reliever sales at certain locations. Now, the pharmacy is facing lawsuits for negligence in which customers died of overdoses after consuming large quantities of powerful drugs supplied by company pharmacists.

Last year, the husband of Lisa Robin Kelly, the actress best known for her stint on “That ’70s Show,” filed a negligence lawsuit against the rehabilitation center where she died of an overdose in 2013, alleging staffers were improperly trained to dole out those drugs.

In Florida wrongful death lawsuits, as in many other types of civil torts, there is a strict statute of limitations. This is a timeline by which injured/wronged persons must initiate a lawsuit – or give up that right forever. workshop2

Florida plaintiffs have just two years from the date of death in which to file a wrongful death claim.

States vary on the exact time limit depending on circumstances, but all courts adhere very closely to these laws. There are, however, a few exceptions. They are weighed on a case-by-case basis.

When people who abuse prescription drugs are harmed by that abuse, the historical belief has been that they “did it to themselves.” pillsbrownbottle

However, attitudes about addiction and its consequences have been evolving as the medical community has come to accept it more as a medical illness, rather than a moral shortfall. What’s more, we are beginning to look more critically at who is responsible for the harm caused to addicts, particularly when substances are strictly controlled and there is a known danger of providing them.

West Palm Beach wrongful death attorneys see these factors as the basis for a potential lawsuit. Doctors, pharmacists and other health care providers have a duty of care to their patients. Supplying mass quantities of powerful painkillers to known addicts is a clear breach of that duty.