Toy darts recalled after choking deaths; Florida children at risk of injury from defective products

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced the recall of 1.8 million toy dart sets sold by Family Dollar Stores. Two children have died as a result of choking accidents involving the toys.

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The reported deaths, which include a 9-year-old Chicago boy and a 10-year-old Wisconsin boy, came as a result of the boys putting the soft plastic darts in their mouths. The CPSC reports that the darts can be inhaled into the throat, which can prevent a child from breathing.

The toy guns are imported by Henry Gordy International, Inc. and sold exclusively in Family Dollar stores. The CPSC reports Family Dollar is cooperating with the recall, while Henry Gordy International has refused to recall the toy dart sets.

Sold under the “Auto Fire” brand, the product comes in either an orange-and-yellow toy gun (#P238) or a blue-and-yellow gun (#9328). The product includes eight orange darts and a small target numbered 1-20. The item number is located on one side of the gun handle. The product is marketed for children “Ages 8+” and was sold at Family Dollar stores nationwide from September 2005 to January 2009 for about $1.50.

The toy guns were manufactured in China.

Consumers should discard the toys. They can also return them to a Family Dollar store for a refund. Contact Family Dollar at (800) 547-0539 or visit the firm’s website, for more information.