West Palm Beach Dog Bite Risks this Holiday Season

A lot of people use the holiday season to invite friends and family members to visit.

A large number of these hosts are also pet owners. This means that you’re at some serious risks of dog bites. The larger the group, the more on edge a dog is likely to be. Your animal might be the nicest and the friendliest out there, but when surrounded by a bunch of people he/she doesn’t know — dogs bites are a common occurence.

Our West Palm Beach injury attorneys are here to offer you with a advice on how to treat your dog and friend’s/family member’s dogs during the holiday season. Follow these few safety tips and share them with the pet owners in your life. These tips can help to prevent a potentially fatal dog bite accident during this joyous time of the year.

Safety Tips:

-Call ahead. If you’re venturing off to a friend or a family member’s home who you may not see all of the time, don’t drop in without notice if you’re not sure if they have a dog. A dog’s defenses can be up when unannounced visitors drop in.

-Keep dogs away. If you know that someone is headed over who you haven’t seen in a while, put your dog in another room. Pups can act awfully hyper when new people are in the home. Remember that dog bites aren’t the only kids of injuries we’re dealing with here. If the dog jumps up and inadvertently knocks someone down causing bodily harm, then you could face the same consequences of being held liable.

-Before you pet — ask. You never want to approach an unfamiliar pet. Never assume that a dog is safe, no matter how friendly they appear to be. When you’re granted with permission to pet, allow it to see and sniff you first.

-Always keep an eye on your pet when there are people around. Keep an eye on their mood as it can change at the drop of a dime. If you know you’re not able to devote enough attention to your pup, consider keeping it locked away from guests.

-Always ask the pet’s owner before giving a treat. Just as you don’t want someone’s dog to injure you, you don’t want to injure their dog. There are some foods that dogs react poorly to. Some dogs aren’t allowed to eat human food at all.

-Never approach a dog you’re not familiar with. If you spot a stray dog, you should alert officials immediately.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are over 4 million people each year who suffer a dog bite. Close to 1 million of them require medical attention, too! What’s even worse is that close to 400,000 are sent to the emergency room and nearly 20 die each year. The risks for these kinds of injuries are highest for our young ones — those under the age of 5 — but remember that everyone is at risk.