West Palm Beach Injury Lawyers Urge Safe Memorial Day Travel

May 23, 2013

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is here and we can expect our roadways to be slammed. According to USA TODAY, there are going to be close to 39 million Americans who will be packing up and shipping out — traveling at least 50 miles from their home over the long holiday weekend.

Even though the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety predicts that Memorial Day gas prices may hit their highest mark in two year, sitting at an average of $3.66 a gallon, more than 31 million people (or close to 90 percent or travelers) are expected to drive to their destination.

With that being said, our West Palm Beach car accident lawyers are asking you to be safe out there. Our roadways are going to be packed and risks for accidents are high. As one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, officials with the National Safety Council (NSC) are predicting a deadly holiday. As a matter of fact, it’s predicted that more than 405 people are going to die in traffic accidents through the holiday weekend. Another 44,000 people are going to be injured in these same incidents.

“NSC issues fatality estimates for major holiday periods to draw attention to the need for drivers to exercise safe driving practices, especially when a significant number of drivers are expected to be traveling on our roadways and highways,” said the CEO and president of the NSC, Janet Froetscher.

We’re asking that you plan ahead before you head out. Take a look at these suggestions before setting off for your holiday vacation. These are tips that could wind up saving your life.

-Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before. You never want to drive while feeling drowsy.

-Make sure you’re well fed before starting your trip. Hunger induces aggravation and increases your display of aggressive driving behaviors and increases your risks for an accident.

-Check out your car. Make sure everything looks okay under the hood (check all fluid levels) and make sure that your tires are properly inflated and are ready for the trip.

-Be sure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing their seat belt.

-Look at traffic and weather conditions. Plan a route that’s going to work best for you.

-Leave for your destination with plenty of time to spare. This will help you to avoid rushing and reduce risks for an accident.

-Make sure you travel with the essentials. Don’t forget a cell phone, some water, extra food and other emergency supplies should your car breakdown or should you run into another road disaster.

-If alcohol is going to be a part of your holiday celebrations, make sure you’ve got yourself a designated driver to get you home safely. You should never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

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